‘Round Midnight

Dawn’s Rooster






3 Responses to “Quilts”

  1. Barb Hall Says:

    Caroline, I just looked at these beautiful quilts for the first time. They are so wonderful: the colors, shapes, movement. I am curious how large they are.

  2. Diana Ramsay Says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I am also a SHCG member and quiltmaker living in Asheville.

    I purchased some hand-dyed fabrics at a qult show, perhaps NQA in Columbus, OH, 1.5 yrs ago. The hand-dyes were being sold with some beautiful fabrics from Australia. Was this, by any chance your booth?

    If so, I am into making a project using these fabrics, and I need more of one of the hand-dyes. I’m hoping, “Yes,” as you are local.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

    Diana Ramsay

    • cmanheimer Says:

      Hi Diana,
      That couldn’t have been me. I do dye fabric and sell it so if you want to talk about it, you could call me. I’m in the phone book.

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